^^Blake sent me these beautiful orchids when I finished my Tufts nutrition science certification (and maybe also because our work-life balance had been a little wacky). 
last weekend it was just the four kids, spouses and parents around the fire for dinner, which is such a rare occurrence.^^
^^speaking of... this is where you'll find us most weekend evenings. 
Gus hasn't had any trouble making himself comfortable in our new ride (the seat cover arrived in the mail today. those sheets are a little worse for the wear.)^^
^^a few extras from our Europe trip last month - the beautiful beach in Cannes 
and Blake's second gelato of the day right outside of our Roman B&B.^^
^^Gusington Churchill, making family photos fabulous since 2012. 
this view: never getting old.^^
^^while we were in Hilton Head for a wedding last month, we spent a day in Savannah, which is just a short drive away. more photos from this gorgeous city to come.^^
^^the gang at the (second) airport during our six hour delay, 
and a celebration for Jackie Chen, our first exchange student who graduated from high school in June. he's off to Penn State in August!^^
 ^^Rebekah and I had lunch at Bubby's when she was in the city in May, because it seems we can't go more than a couple of months without seeing each other (I'm back on her coast in August!) 
for my birthday, Blake, mama, sister and cousin took me out to one of our favorite Mexican spots in the neighborhood.^^
 ^^my amazing girlfriends sent this arrangement to my office on my birthday, and Blake sent more of those lovely orchids. it was a good day.
we've been taking Gus with us on weekend breakfast runs, and he's been profiting from my love of egg sandwiches.^^
 ^^my sister and her husband have been making tons of progress on the house they bought last summer.
Gus is currently looking for an agent to manage his modeling career.^^
^^I worked with the talented Keoni Hudoba for a client event at Cyc 
and I've been running in Central Park almost every weekday morning. it's one of the very best things to wake up to.^^
 ^^I stayed up late reconnecting with a friend and her baby girl, who is the sweetest, most talkative thing.
we spent one breezy weekend in Maine for the wedding of two of Blake's college friends.^^
^^here's a preview of that Boothbay Harbor wedding - again, more to come!^^
^^Gus and Blake on a morning walk by the water in Connecticut, 
and a compulsive manicure after a long day, followed by dinner at Yogurtland. sometimes, you simply must.^^

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