One lazy weekend to rule them all.

^^this animal needs to stick his chin in everything.^^
In the midst of this season's wacky schedules, this weekend came along in all of its lazy glory, and we saw that it was good. Blake and Gus came home on Friday night and stayed through this morning, and it was a weekend of early bedtimes and easy mornings. On Saturday we walked Gus up to the park, grabbed coffee at Le Pain, sat below those beautiful American elms and talked for hours.

Lately, nerves have gotten in the way of perspective. Being with these two helps, and I've been meditating on words written by a friend earlier last week - "you cannot be anxious and grateful at the same time." These are some of the sweetest years, I think.

Other weekend things:
*finishing up this book written by the lead pastor at our church, which is such a great read for those looking to bring more purpose and impact to their career.
*and our church! it was so nice to be back.
*we went out to brunch with some friends and their baby, who made parenting look ever so appealing...
*and we ordered from all of our favorite places over the course of the weekend. this one and this one before discovering WunWun and having Doughnut Plant delivered. one of our finer moments.
*we also watched this documentary and this classic movie. both were so well done (but fair warning: not terribly uplifting.)

Hope you had a lovely weekend, wherever you are!

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