Positano + Sorrento, Italy.

Our last European adventures were in Positano (or really, overlooking Positano) and Sorrento. We hopped on a bus from Pompeii and took a white-knuckled drive (me holding onto armrests, not the driver) up the Sorrento and Amalfi coasts. I can't even begin to describe how beautiful this place is. You simply have to see it for yourself. 
^^the Sorrento coast with its beautiful volcanic sand beaches.^^
^^and Positano. "we can't drive down there because we're in a bus. buses can't go into the town. since buses can't go into the town, we will stop here." - our tour guide, who spoke exclusively in circles^^
^^we would definitely return to Sorrento for an extended stay. it's the perfect mix of culture and quiet.^^
^^they're known for lemons (lemon soaps, limoncello, lemon cookies, etc.) so we stopped to stock up on soap in one of these bodegas.^^
^^and stumbled upon the sweetest little restaurant for lunch. it was an amazing find; normally, we're pretty terrible at finding good places on a whim, but this was a gem.^^
^^Blake ordered the left side of the menu (all pastas and pizza), and we were full for days.^^
^^we were serenaded by these guys.^^
^^then slowly made our way back through town.^^

We were so, so glad we could make this trip, and left Europe with a deeper appreciation for the beauty and possibility just outside our door (or a short plane ride away). We're a little more in love with our world and a little more in love with each other. Travel will do that to you. 

You're awesome, Europe. Don't ever change. 

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