Saturday at home (finally!), and other weekend things.

^^this vine crept up from our community garden, and we're loving it.^^
The two of us were home in the city for nearly 48 hours this weekend. Blake arrived just in time for dinner on Friday night, and we both wore big, goofy smiles like we were sixteen and just realized we were allowed to date. We headed down to the West Village with no real goal outside of walking and breathing in July in the city. Cafe Condesa is where we ended up - a brilliant call on our part. One of those dinners you talk about until people wonder if you eat anywhere else. 

And there were other weekend things, too! 
*we had tickets to Steve Cohen at the Waldorf Astoria on Saturday night, and we completely geeked out. the tea kettle trick (more on that here) will boggle my mind forever. 
*my sister and her husband joined us, and we went out to dinner at Joe Allen afterward. 
*there was brunch at one of our favorites, followed by a long Saturday run and walk in the park. side note: back in June, we tried to go out to brunch in Stamford. "oh no, we don't do brunch on Saturdays in Stamford," one waiter told us. there was maybe a little part of me that was not okay with our impending move when that piece of information was shared. we will bring Saturday brunch to you, Stamford. just you wait. 
*I just wrapped up this book, which was so, so good. other recommendations from the last few weeks: this and this and this ("I can't be running back and forth forever between grief and high delight" - the full context here turned me inside out.)
*and this show, revisited. 
*on Sunday, we woke up bright and early, brewed up a pot of coffee and took the train out of the city. from Connecticut, we drove to the Boston area to visit friends. we had lunch with Heather and Brian and saw Rachel's play, which was beautiful experiential theater. 

And these are the things I'd like to remember, please and thank you. 

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