Savannah, Georgia.

The rule of the universe is this: as soon as you're resigned to the fact that you have lost something and move forward with replacing that lost item, the item will magically reappear. Such was the case with the SD card containing these photos from our trip to Savannah last month. 

Ready to be inundated with southern charm? Here you go. 

We only spent a day in Savannah after our friends' wedding in Hilton Head, but I'm so glad we had the chance to explore. This place is beautiful. It's also crazy hot even at the beginning of June, so we'd suggest a trip in winter months. Blake has the unfortunate habit of melting when temperatures get into the 90s, so we ended up doing some sightseeing via car later in the afternoon. 

^^I'm certain I've been here in my dreams before. River Street Sweets, guys. It'll charm your pants off.^^
^^and this place for lunch, complete with a live pianist. also dreamy.^^
^^while we're on the dreamy theme... obviously this is Blake's natural stance. not pictured: lots of sweat.^^
^^and we'll end with Spanish moss, because I think we can all agree that it's a natural wonder.^^

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  1. beautiful pics, i so long for the time i lived in georgia. good job. best to all the walkers, leo and candy


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