This one's for the dolls.

When I first started working in New York years ago (years! three of them!), I worked with the loveliest group of dolls. As interns, we were seated on the thirteenth floor - a floor below most of the rest of the company. There blossomed a camaraderie of the best kind. A friendship born of competition for the maple cinnamon oatmeal, sympathy for those assembling feminine care mailers and support during the character-defining "intern project." A dollhouse sometimes likened to Katherine Mansfield's "The Doll's House." And that was where we lived. 

Since taking different paths, the dollhouse now reunites every few months to discuss where we've been and where we're going. Last Thursday marked one of those reunions, in honor of a doll who is headed out to the West Coast. California, you're about to get a little cooler. 

And happy Friday, all! Blake is in the city this weekend, so I'm all smiles. 
 ^^dolls not pictured: Georgie, Sarah and Becca.^^
^^points for getting these on a fire escape and not dropping a phone.^^

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