Apartment hunting.

On Sunday afternoon, we spent a few hours in Stamford looking at three different buildings (all owned by the same company) and figuring out what we want in terms of floor plan/amenities. It's weird to have options, you know? When we first moved to Massachusetts, we looked at one apartment and signed on the dotted line. When we moved to New York, we looked at a million places and landed on the one that was within budget, checked all of the necessary boxes and threw in a community garden for good measure. We had all of 24 hours to make the call, and there was no Plan B. Do multiple options make you crazier than only one option? I'm finding out.

In any case, here are a few photos of the places we toured, if you'd like to see. We're leaning toward a great place on the 10th floor of a building near Fairway and the train. It has an amazing city view, and I think I can get over the awkward tiny wall in between the kitchen and the living room.

Also, dishwashers and in-unit laundry. Swoon.
^^this was a two bedroom with beautiful exposed brick and huge factory windows. it was heaven without the amenities.^^
^^and the windows.^^
^^the Stamford boardwalk.^^
 ^^and our maybe-place. that bedroom view is something else.^^ 
 ^^see? awkward wall. and realtor.^^
 ^^but more living room view...^^
 ^^and a whole kitchen, to top it off.^^

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  1. Happy apartment hunting! I'm sure the right one will come along!

    Best of luck!



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