^^Blake and some of his (maybe a little nerdy) friends celebrated his college roommate's bachelor party last month, and we had a company happy hour on our building's roof.^^
^^While in California, I witnessed some of the most beautiful West Coast sunsets and got to see some of the very best West Coast friends.^^
^^My company celebrated another year of growth in our annual meeting and this Sheep Meadow view has made morning runs far more bearable.^^
^^I had appetizers and drinks with friends after our company's day of service, and I've lived in this sweatshirt since the IDEA Fitness Convention.^^
^^We road-tripped up to visit friends in Massachusetts and a pyramid was demanded at our dollhouse reunion.^^
^^I had lunch at 44 & X with colleagues this past week (the crab cakes. insane.) and Gus went lobster fishing one sunny afternoon.^^
^^we celebrated Blake's 27th birthday at Dove Parlour and Parm last night, and celebrated his brother's 30th earlier in the month.^^

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