The great furniture search, and other weekend things.

As we plan for our move to a larger apartment in Stamford, we're being intentional about the furniture we buy. We've wanted to get a few pieces for a while - ones that may cost a bit more than our newlywed IKEA furniture, but will stand the test of time. Also, it's probably time for us to get a real bed...

So we headed out to Brooklyn this afternoon in search of a credenza and coffee table. We have a better idea of the style that we both want (this shop and this shop are amazing), but didn't fall in love with anything that we really wanted to invest in. In the next few weeks after we sign on a place, I hope we're able to make a couple of decisions, but I'd set low expectations if you're visiting our new place within the first few months of moving in. We might have something for you to sit on.

Other weekend things:
*I took Friday off and my dad invited me out on a breakfast date. he's the very best. 
*we celebrated Blake's 27th birthday with family on Friday night, and we were so happy to see siblings, parents and grandparents in one room. I'm not sure we've been able to gather that many family members from both sides since our wedding.
*the weather has been perfect for this time of year, so we took our pup on a long walk on Saturday morning.
*on Saturday afternoon, we took the train into the city for some time in our apartment and a game night with friends. banana pudding and hours of Cards Against Humanity.
*we were back at our church on Sunday morning. after the service, we hit up our favorite greenmarket and had brunch at El Centro.
*when in Williamsburg, you must stop for iced coffee at Kinfolk Studios.
*and the boring things that have been neglected for far too long - grocery shopping and the laundromat. I'm embarrassed about how long it's been since I purchased more than a dinner's worth of groceries.
*tonight we're ordering in and devouring this show, which we're currently obsessed with. highly, highly recommended.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, wherever you are!

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