The move.

We moved into our new apartment in Norwalk, CT this weekend. Things will be quiet until we're completely settled, but we've made a lot of progress already. We're so, so grateful for the family members who helped us move boxes, pick up new furniture and organize our belongings - we couldn't have done it without them!

Hope you had a lovely weekend.


This is the current state of our apartment.

We're mostly packed, the weather is starting to turn, I'm in the middle of two great books and there's some Trader Joe's Golden Caramel Swirl ice cream calling my name. The things that solid Tuesday nights are made of.


Our last weekend in Hell's Kitchen.

On Friday, Blake and Gus came into the city for our last weekend in our Hell's Kitchen apartment. It's been a bit of a roller coaster for us, this moving thing. Most of me is ready for a new season in a new home. And the truth is, we don't leave pieces of our hearts behind with places and people that we've loved. I'm beginning to think they just shape our hearts, make them larger, leave their scars. 

Loo came in on Sunday for a quick visit - a walk through the park and brunch at one of our favorites (the third time I've eaten chilaquiles this week). We all move forward. We're lucky if we've found people to walk with us. 

And a few photos from our Sunday: 


A few more from the Finger Lakes.

Looking back on these photos completely relaxes me - like looking back on a dream. We so enjoyed the whole weekend, and I'm already charting our escape back to the silence of the lake and the voices of friends. So much goodness, it fills me to the brim. 


Our weekend Upstate.

This weekend we drove the five hours up to my friend's cottage on Cayuga Lake with our bulldog in tow. We went up in June last year and Gus decided it was his favorite place on earth, so we knew we needed to go back. Plus, seeing Loo does good things for my soul. 

Saturday morning was a rainy one, so we spent much of it inside playing Mexican Train and eating guacamole. When the skies cleared, we went for a walk among the vineyards and waterfalls. It was the most wonderful thing to ring in this new autumn season. 
^^I married Tom Sawyer.^^



 ^^Gus has been eating up every last bit of summer, and we have been eating up quality time (over Cards Against Humanity?) with our New York friends. also, our friends' baby is just the sweetest.^^
 ^^the sun hit our block just right one evening when I was on my way home, and we said goodbye to a colleague over drinks and music at Carroll Place.^^
 ^^my dad walked me through his vineyard (one of his many projects), and we celebrated my mom with all things gluten-free.^^
 ^^we went to a carnival in our hometown over Labor Day weekend (the perfect parting gift to summer) and my parents have been growing these gorgeous peaches in the yard (another project).^^
 ^^I've been running down by the beach on weekend mornings in Connecticut, and this is the first shot of our new apartment (we move on the 26th!) in the South Norwalk area. do you see that bannister? it's just asking for Christmas garland.^^
^^this gnocchi from Frankie's was everything you'd expect of good Italian food, and the morning runs in Central Park have been getting dark and darker.^^


A wedding in the rain.

Our last wedding of the year was just outside of Philadelphia. The heat was overwhelming during the day, but turned to clouds and rain in the evening. My dear friends Rebekah and James still got married outside, because that's the kind of people they are - wonderful, determined, unfailingly positive people. The skies opened up just as they finished their vows, and all of it was perfect. Even the masquerade of umbrellas making a path to shelter. 

And here are a few photos, if you'd like to see:  
^^one of my favorite first dances of all time. these two are such a great pair.^^
^^these are my friends, and I have missed them so.^^
^^early in the evening, I ran into the cousin of my dear friend Loo (small world) who I met way back in elementary school. naturally, a stream of photos was sent to Loo to prove that it happened.^^
^^and the beautiful bride.^^
we love you, Lemires!


Moving boxes, and other weekend things.

This weekend we started packing up our things piece by piece. There are items and files I haven't gone through since we moved into this place - mugs from our travels, cards with old addresses, stationary from my teenage years. Moving tends to accentuate all of the steps toward memory. A look back, a look forward, and the process of turning over the pieces you can and can't bring with you. We're learning it, again and again. Also, I am the sappiest.

Other weekend things:
*we saw two of my dearest college friends get married just outside of Philadelphia on Saturday night! more on that.
*for the car ride out there and back, I read essays from this book. I thought I might be a glutton for punishment when I bought it, but it hasn't made me too emotional about moving outside of the city. yet.
*on Friday night, Blake and I tried this place. I bought Blake their cookbook a couple of years ago, and I'm so glad we finally stopped in.
*we had brunch on both Saturday and Sunday at our favorite spots, just because.
*in between packing on Sunday afternoon, we took long walks - through the park, around the Upper West Side and down again.
*and we're in again to finish up season two of House of Cards. the important things, you know.

Hope you had a lovely weekend.


A small status update.

here is the list of things that I can currently wrap my mind around: 
*the fact that we are waiting (at last!) for the final say on an apartment that we can actually see ourselves living in. it has solid sound-proofing and a nearby running path, plus a gorgeous kitchen and a storage room the size of our current bedroom. the things you can find outside of Manhattan...
*spinach pasta and dark chocolate covered pretzel thins for dinner more often than I care to admit. 
*the thought of dinner with Blake in the city tomorrow night. we're headed to the wedding of two of my dearest friends (eee!) on Saturday morning, but we have one quiet evening to ourselves. 
*a stack of new books and sunny places where they can be read. 
*ideas for new apartment furniture. 
*the anticipation of sweaters, family holidays and comfort food. it's just around the corner. 
*work. lots of it. 
*and this photo, just because. 


Labor Day kayaking.

To bid farewell to summer and ring in the greatest season of all, we took my parents' kayaks for a spin around the marshes this morning. In truth, we're not great kayakers - we were only gone a short while and spent most of it singing and avoiding mudflats - but we enjoyed the stillness. This weekend was pretty crazy otherwise, as we try to decide on the best place for us in the coming year. We're nearly there, I think. 

Hope you're having a lovely Labor Day.