A small status update.

here is the list of things that I can currently wrap my mind around: 
*the fact that we are waiting (at last!) for the final say on an apartment that we can actually see ourselves living in. it has solid sound-proofing and a nearby running path, plus a gorgeous kitchen and a storage room the size of our current bedroom. the things you can find outside of Manhattan...
*spinach pasta and dark chocolate covered pretzel thins for dinner more often than I care to admit. 
*the thought of dinner with Blake in the city tomorrow night. we're headed to the wedding of two of my dearest friends (eee!) on Saturday morning, but we have one quiet evening to ourselves. 
*a stack of new books and sunny places where they can be read. 
*ideas for new apartment furniture. 
*the anticipation of sweaters, family holidays and comfort food. it's just around the corner. 
*work. lots of it. 
*and this photo, just because. 

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