A wedding in the rain.

Our last wedding of the year was just outside of Philadelphia. The heat was overwhelming during the day, but turned to clouds and rain in the evening. My dear friends Rebekah and James still got married outside, because that's the kind of people they are - wonderful, determined, unfailingly positive people. The skies opened up just as they finished their vows, and all of it was perfect. Even the masquerade of umbrellas making a path to shelter. 

And here are a few photos, if you'd like to see:  
^^one of my favorite first dances of all time. these two are such a great pair.^^
^^these are my friends, and I have missed them so.^^
^^early in the evening, I ran into the cousin of my dear friend Loo (small world) who I met way back in elementary school. naturally, a stream of photos was sent to Loo to prove that it happened.^^
^^and the beautiful bride.^^
we love you, Lemires!


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