^^Gus has been eating up every last bit of summer, and we have been eating up quality time (over Cards Against Humanity?) with our New York friends. also, our friends' baby is just the sweetest.^^
 ^^the sun hit our block just right one evening when I was on my way home, and we said goodbye to a colleague over drinks and music at Carroll Place.^^
 ^^my dad walked me through his vineyard (one of his many projects), and we celebrated my mom with all things gluten-free.^^
 ^^we went to a carnival in our hometown over Labor Day weekend (the perfect parting gift to summer) and my parents have been growing these gorgeous peaches in the yard (another project).^^
 ^^I've been running down by the beach on weekend mornings in Connecticut, and this is the first shot of our new apartment (we move on the 26th!) in the South Norwalk area. do you see that bannister? it's just asking for Christmas garland.^^
^^this gnocchi from Frankie's was everything you'd expect of good Italian food, and the morning runs in Central Park have been getting dark and darker.^^

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