Moving boxes, and other weekend things.

This weekend we started packing up our things piece by piece. There are items and files I haven't gone through since we moved into this place - mugs from our travels, cards with old addresses, stationary from my teenage years. Moving tends to accentuate all of the steps toward memory. A look back, a look forward, and the process of turning over the pieces you can and can't bring with you. We're learning it, again and again. Also, I am the sappiest.

Other weekend things:
*we saw two of my dearest college friends get married just outside of Philadelphia on Saturday night! more on that.
*for the car ride out there and back, I read essays from this book. I thought I might be a glutton for punishment when I bought it, but it hasn't made me too emotional about moving outside of the city. yet.
*on Friday night, Blake and I tried this place. I bought Blake their cookbook a couple of years ago, and I'm so glad we finally stopped in.
*we had brunch on both Saturday and Sunday at our favorite spots, just because.
*in between packing on Sunday afternoon, we took long walks - through the park, around the Upper West Side and down again.
*and we're in again to finish up season two of House of Cards. the important things, you know.

Hope you had a lovely weekend.


  1. What a gorgeous blog you have. Your weekend seems lovely just as your photos. x



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