Halloween Friday off.

After a busy two weeks for us, Blake and I took today off to get some rest, spend time with our dog and run errands. Part of me wishes I could say we have grand plans for tonight (we missed our building's Halloween party last night and my company's Halloween party today, after all...), but another larger part of me is putting sleep wayyy up on the priority list. Plus, we slacked on Gus's costume this year (he's a turtle again) and I'm fairly certain the only remaining costume piece in my closet is a Kate Gosselin wig that was part of my Katie Couric ensemble four years ago.

In any case, here's what my camera captured this afternoon:
^^some dear friends sent Gus this card. bulldog cards make us terribly happy.^^
^^speaking of bulldogs, we found this guy at Target and fell in love.^^
^^and the trees have come alive in South Norwalk.^^
^^I eat these by the dozen. they taste like Christmas. two more months!^^
^^Blake and I unintentionally bought matching sweaters. this is who we are now.^^
^^this is his preferred napping place, all weekend long.^^
^^and this is a great train read.^^


Sunrise on the Reservoir.

Blake has been in Cleveland for work since Sunday afternoon, so I'm back in the city at my grandparents' Upper East Side apartment. I can't say enough how fortunate we are to have grandparents who are so generous with what they have. We are so thankful for them.

As we head into the thick of fall, the mornings are darker, the temperatures are cooler and sleeping in is that much more appealing. But the Reservoir waits, and my goodness, is it beautiful. I've been trying to make it out for runs before the sun rises, and I've been rewarded for my struggle with the alarm clock. New York is most magical as it comes alive, I think.



Since I've been blogging far less than normal lately (a crazy season for us, but more on that later), I do believe a recap of the last month is in order. 
 ^^birthday season is here, and we kicked it off with a candy/brownie/ice cream cake (Holey Cream in Hell's Kitchen will not disappoint) for our dear Angie.^^
 ^^Gus started to settle into our new place, and has found solace on the balcony. it's where he does his best thinking.^^
 ^^scenes from a walk in downtown South Norwalk.^^
 ^^a celebration for Andrea at Kefi, which has a great deal on dinner if you get there before 6:30pm.^^
 ^^Blake surprised me with flowers at work one day, in honor of my favorite season of all.^^
 ^^Gus thought more big thoughts on one of our walks around the neighborhood. also, I will never get over that tail of his.^^
 ^^we had plans to celebrate Joanna at small group one week, but she wasn't feeling well enough to join us. we ate apple cake in her honor.^^
 ^^as a general rule, I'm pretty anti-selfie (as if this awkward photo doesn't prove that fact), but when you have an event at a blowout salon, documentation is required.^^
 ^^my grandparents have been so generous in letting me stay at their apartment on the Upper East Side a few times this month, which means evening walks by the Met.^^
 ^^and morning runs around the reservoir, one of the most beautiful places in this world, I think.^^
 ^^let's wrap this up with food, shall we? we had dinner at Uva on the Upper East Side last Friday night, and gnocchi is always a good choice.^^
^^then some room service in Atlanta, as one does after a long day of conferencing about food.^^


Atlanta, Georgia.

I'm in Atlanta for the annual Food and Nutrition Conference & Expo this week, talking about slowly digestible carbohydrates and balanced breakfasts. Yesterday I settled in on the 41st floor of the hotel, which has one of the wildest views as you get out of bed. Not for the acrophobic. 

Hope you're having a lovely weekend! 


Still settling.

Still settling and taking time to process over here. There's nothing like a move to show you how comfortable you were in your old life. There may have been some tears in a taxi last week as we were headed to a friend's birthday party. Ugly crying on Broadway is a truly humbling experience.

But we're together, and we're taking our sweet time getting accustomed to this newness.

These are the pieces I'd like to remember:



Get it? Yes? Sooo clever.

Over the weekend, we got to know our new neighborhood a bit better. The weather was autumn perfection, so we harnessed up our bulldog and went for a walk through the local park. There's a path shouldering the Norwalk River, which leads all the way to the downtown South Norwalk area's surprisingly diverse restaurants/shops (A Taste of Holland, for example...) and aquarium. We stopped in Mama's Boy for brunch and the lobster benedict happened. There was no stopping it.

Hope you're having a lovely week.


The first quiet morning.

It rained all morning - the perfect excuse for us to stay inside, make pancakes and watch reruns in bed on the laptop. It's starting to feel like home already, this place.


Thoughts from Gus.

Hi friends.

I have been very preoccupied lately.

First, we moved to a new apartment and no one cared to ask me if this was a good idea. Do you know how many smells are in a new apartment? I do. 344,540,640 (look at me counting!). And I've smelled them all. Four times. It's exhausting.

Second, our new apartment has a dishwasher, washing machine AND drier. All three make the most terrible, frightening noises, and I HATE them. They eat dishes and clothes - no dogs yet, but there's a first time for everything, I always say. This is really mean of me, but I hope they choke on a sock or a fork soon.

Third, the apartment is entirely too big. No one needs more than two rooms, and both of those rooms should be filled with beds, couches and pillows on which you can have family snuggle time. Did anyone consider my design expertise when the apartment was chosen? Surprise! No.

Fourth... well, the balcony and carpeting aren't so bad, I suppose. But they could be. Danger is everywhere, and I am very, very good at finding it.

Sniffs and licks,