Halloween Friday off.

After a busy two weeks for us, Blake and I took today off to get some rest, spend time with our dog and run errands. Part of me wishes I could say we have grand plans for tonight (we missed our building's Halloween party last night and my company's Halloween party today, after all...), but another larger part of me is putting sleep wayyy up on the priority list. Plus, we slacked on Gus's costume this year (he's a turtle again) and I'm fairly certain the only remaining costume piece in my closet is a Kate Gosselin wig that was part of my Katie Couric ensemble four years ago.

In any case, here's what my camera captured this afternoon:
^^some dear friends sent Gus this card. bulldog cards make us terribly happy.^^
^^speaking of bulldogs, we found this guy at Target and fell in love.^^
^^and the trees have come alive in South Norwalk.^^
^^I eat these by the dozen. they taste like Christmas. two more months!^^
^^Blake and I unintentionally bought matching sweaters. this is who we are now.^^
^^this is his preferred napping place, all weekend long.^^
^^and this is a great train read.^^

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