Since I've been blogging far less than normal lately (a crazy season for us, but more on that later), I do believe a recap of the last month is in order. 
 ^^birthday season is here, and we kicked it off with a candy/brownie/ice cream cake (Holey Cream in Hell's Kitchen will not disappoint) for our dear Angie.^^
 ^^Gus started to settle into our new place, and has found solace on the balcony. it's where he does his best thinking.^^
 ^^scenes from a walk in downtown South Norwalk.^^
 ^^a celebration for Andrea at Kefi, which has a great deal on dinner if you get there before 6:30pm.^^
 ^^Blake surprised me with flowers at work one day, in honor of my favorite season of all.^^
 ^^Gus thought more big thoughts on one of our walks around the neighborhood. also, I will never get over that tail of his.^^
 ^^we had plans to celebrate Joanna at small group one week, but she wasn't feeling well enough to join us. we ate apple cake in her honor.^^
 ^^as a general rule, I'm pretty anti-selfie (as if this awkward photo doesn't prove that fact), but when you have an event at a blowout salon, documentation is required.^^
 ^^my grandparents have been so generous in letting me stay at their apartment on the Upper East Side a few times this month, which means evening walks by the Met.^^
 ^^and morning runs around the reservoir, one of the most beautiful places in this world, I think.^^
 ^^let's wrap this up with food, shall we? we had dinner at Uva on the Upper East Side last Friday night, and gnocchi is always a good choice.^^
^^then some room service in Atlanta, as one does after a long day of conferencing about food.^^

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  1. what a lovely roundup - and how fantastic that you get to stay at their apartment. The Upper East Side is so divine!


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