Are you ready for this?

Because Gus is. Christmas is just around the corner, and he can feel it in his bones.

I worked from home this past Monday because I had an appointment in Norwalk during the middle of the day. Gus stayed with me "because we don't get to spend enough time together," Blake says. If we're being honest here, I think Blake needs a small break from his work compadre every once in a while.

A story to illustrate why:
On Monday morning, I was leading a fairly important conference call with Gus next to me (there is nowhere else for him to be. this is his one demand in life.) Five minutes in, Gus took it upon himself to snore louder than ever before - a truly impressive volume to behold. I put myself on mute for ten seconds as I ran downstairs with my computer and locked myself in the bedroom. Not one minute later, Gus was running his head into the bedroom door, and I was speaking very loudly to overpower his whine-growl coming through the crack under the door. He is profoundly gifted in his ability to project his feelings. An advanced animal, we like to think.

And eventually we will talk about things other than our dog. Promise.

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