Thoughts from Gus.

Hi friends,

I have a new cousin. Her name is Honey, and she's a three-month-old Miniature Goldendoodle. She runs very fast and thinks it's fun to nip at my ears. I was a puppy once (like, a million years ago. I'm super mature now.), so I get it.

I feel like I have so much knowledge to share with her. For instance:
*For the best belly rubs, fake a deep sleep and roll onto your back. Once in position, let out a deep sigh to let the nearest person know you're there and waiting. Honey rarely sits still long enough for belly rubs. She clearly has no idea what she's missing.
*Sit under Uncle Dan's chair at the table. This is where you will find the most under-table snacks. Honey slept through dinner (whaaat?).
*Bananas are the most delicious snack in the world. Honey spit hers out. I just don't even know.
*Plastic bottles of any kind are not for playing with. I learned this one the hard way.

I've been patient with her so far. It makes my parents crazy proud, which is sort of embarrassing. No surprise there, though. They're always finding new ways to embarrass me.

In any case, I suppose she can stay.

Sniffs and licks,

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