At 17 weeks, I am...

Making: lists of gifts for those we love.
Cooking: egg and cheese wraps, all the livelong day.
Drinking: tea, mostly. tea with as much caffeine as we can handle these days.
Reading: Being Mortal, and feeling completely swept up in it.
Wanting: more patience. longer days.
Looking: at mothers juggling all kinds of roles.
Playing: games with the dog, always.
Wishing: for more New York, always.
Wasting: some mornings on the train, keeping my eyes closed for a few extra minutes.
Enjoying: tangerines. Christmas music. the softest snowfall.
Waiting: for those first baby kicks.
Liking: morning walks on Soho's cobblestone streets.
Wondering: who this little guy will look like.
Loving: the softest new shirts and sweaters to cover a growing belly.
Hoping: for more sleep in a big hotel bed this weekend.
Marveling: at the tree stands on every other corner in the city.
Needing: a warmer coat for those morning walks.
Smelling: new seasonal soaps we bought at Bath & Body Works.
Wearing: pants that are just baaarely buttoning.
Following: some of the direction in these pregnancy books. just some of it.
Noticing: how dirty our white sofa has gotten. who could have seen that coming?
Knowing: that we leave for vacation in a few hours, and I still have a lot of packing to do.
Thinking: how wonderful and fleeting these life stages are.
Bookmarking: recipes to make on colder days.
Opening: boxes and boxes of books to read during the commute.
Laughing: at every episode of How I Met Your Mother, all over again.
Feeling: cared for, and full of life.

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