Christmas prep, and other weekend things.

Tonight I sobbed at the end of Toy Story 3, so that should give you an indication of how things are progressing around here.

In all honesty, we're doing pretty well. I chalk it up to the Christmas season in general - the lights, the music, the traditions we've kept from childhood and the new ones we're creating.

And other things that are making us terribly happy these days:
*last night, we got together for drinks ("no, just water for me, please. thanks.") with some of our neighbors. we stayed a whole three hours longer than planned, which meant I went to bed after midnight. know how often that happens nowadays?
*on Friday, we ordered in and watched the UConn game. if you're local and wondering, this place makes the best vegetable fried rice in all of the land.
*while we're talking about healthy things we ate this weekend (second trimester hunger is no joke), Stew Leonard's makes a mean bagel.
*new shirts that will bear with me for another couple of months. baby is the size of an avocado this week, and should be making his real bump debut any time now.
*long talks at my parents' house.
*we're nearly finished with our Christmas shopping! we went with a theme this year, which simplified the whole process.
*and half of the Christmas cards are out! 
*advent sermons from our church and this devotional, which is beautiful.

Hope you had a lovely weekend, wherever you are. 

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