Dear baby boy.

Do you know how much your dad and I love you already?

When I first heard that you were a boy (I called the doctor's office 17 times in one afternoon for those test results), I pictured a bespectacled little you in a bow-tie. I told your dad as soon as I got in the car at the train station, and his smile was the biggest I've ever seen. He likes to put his hand on my belly to see how much you're growing in there. You're still little, but if you're anything like your dad, you've got a strong, brave soul.

The miracle of you still overwhelms me. I am so, so excited to be your mama.

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  1. I should have read this a long time ago! Congrats again on your sweet baby boy!! Hopefully one day, our little boys can have a play date in Central Park. :)


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