Highlights of 2014.

*in January, we braved a snowstorm named Hercules, took a cheesemaking class and had the most beautiful brunch at the Central Park Boathouse. I also started my last semester of the Tufts Nutrition Science & Communication program. 
*in February, I spent a lot of time working and studying, which may have played a part in the shingles flare-up I had this month. we spent a lot of time at our diner, celebrated Valentine's Day with a show and made it out to Brooklyn for doughnuts
*in March, we went to a vegetarian food festival with friends, went to a ping pong event and hosted our dear friends Heather and Brian. we spent the first weekend of spring in Connecticut. 
*in April, Blake opened an office in Connecticut and started commuting out. I had two work trips - one to California (where I got to see Rebekah and James!) and one to Colorado. we celebrated Easter in the city with my grandparents. 
*in May, we took a trip to Italy, France and Spain, and it was wonderful. we also had a painting class and bought a car, and I completed my program with Tufts! 
*in June, we celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary and my 25th birthday. we also spent a long weekend in Hilton Head for a friend's wedding and visited Savannah while we were there. at the end of the month, we went up to Maine for the wedding of some of Blake's college friends.  
*in July, we cheered my parents on in the Independence Day parade, celebrated our bulldog's third birthday and Blake was in his college roommate's wedding in Massachusetts. we also went to a magic show at the Waldorf Astoria and visited friends in the Boston area. 
*in August, we spent a lot of time apartment hunting and brunching in the city. I went back out to California for work, and my hotel room overlooked Disneyland. it wasn't mentioned on the blog, but I was also promoted this month. most importantly, we celebrated Blake's 27th birthday
 *in September, we went kayaking, attended James and Rebekah's wedding in the Philly area and moved out of our apartment in Hell's Kitchen. we also spent a weekend at Loo's cottage on the Finger Lakes. we found out about my pregnancy when we got home from this trip. 
*in October, we settled into our new place in South Norwalk, mostly. I battled some morning and evening nausea, and took a work trip down to Atlanta for the annual Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics conference. 
*in November, we announced that we're having a baby! I posted some photos of our new home (which has already changed a bit) and we drove down to the DC area to spend Thanksgiving with family. 
*in December, we shared that the baby is a boy, cut down our very first real Christmas tree and spent a few days in Disney World with Blake's family. we celebrated Christmas Eve in our home (over French toast!) and Christmas Day at our families' homes. 

2014 was big for us, and we're so grateful for all of the blessings and challenges it threw at our little family. I'm sad to see it go, in many ways. But 2015 is another big one, and we're ready for it. 

Happy New Year! 

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