If I'm honest.

I'm still adjusting to our move out of the city. It's been a rough transition - so much rockier than this pregnancy has been. We're surrounded by good things, it's true. We have a lot to be grateful for as we turn the leaf on 2015. But it hasn't gotten easier for me to be out of our comfort zone. The mornings are still early, the nights are still short, and I still feel a long way from the friends and places we loved.

2015, you're going to make this easier. Good grief, enough is enough.

On Sunday, we headed into the city for church and brunch, then wandered a bit afterward. The change here is slow, but constant. Like a turning season.

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  1. We moved to a new town several years ago in December, right after I had my son. It was cold out, I had a newborn and I felt really alone. It was a long winter. I started to make efforts to attend free events, walk parks and try to meet neighbors. It took a long time, but eventually I came to love where I live. Just know the feeling won't last forever. Make a goal to attend a social event two times a month. Don't be discouraged if the first few times you attend, you don't hit it off with anyone. Find a Facebook page dedicated to moms in your area and give a shout out that you're new. It will get better though!


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