More Disney, of course.

We got back to the city late last night after spending five relatively warm days in Disney. It's amazing what sunshine will do for the soul. I'm ready for you, winter. Or I'm accepting that you exist, at least.

We stayed at the Dolphin while we were down there - it's close to everything and less than $200 a night, so just perfect for those of us saving for babies (babies are expensive, yo). We were in a room next to a screaming baby the first night (the irony is not lost on me), and after 2 hours of listening to the poor thing and its poor parents, we had the hotel move us to a new room. They upgraded us to a corner with two balconies, so a word to the wise: complain to hotel staff about crying babies at 4 a.m. I kid, I kid.

So here you have it:
And in case you didn't see my last post and were under the impression that we went to Disney World with a bunch of toddlers, please see the following. Note that no one in Blake's family is under the age of 16. It's fine. We had more fun than any of the toddlers I saw, including the ones who got to see the characters from Frozen. The ten and under crowd goes bananas for Frozen these days.
And guess what?! I felt the first tiny kicks on the plane ride out. Baby loves Disney. He's a Walker, for sure.

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  1. Love those first little baby kicks! Soon you will his very own punching bag. ;)


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