24 weeks.

At 24 weeks: 
*the bump is for real. last night, I popped into a nail salon for an eyebrow wax and massage (the two must go hand in hand. it's a fact of life.) and all the sweet manicurists pointed and smiled when I took my coat off. you are no longer mistaken for a very large lunch, bump! high five. 
*speaking of nail salons, my nails are horrendous these days. I have to assume I'm the only one in the history of women with terrible pregnancy nails, given the hype about stunning cuticles in every book I've read. 
*baby is a morning person, I'm pretty sure. he's crazy active between 3am and 5am, which is really exciting, but not that conducive to sleep. 
*husband and I are having talks about important and not-so-important things, like cloth diapering (we're leaning toward a "no" here?) and toddler education about nutrition, meat, etc. thankfully, we have some time on the latter... 
*I've been all about Chipotle lately, much to husband's delight. 
*my leg hair has all but ceased growth. best. pregnancy. perk. ever. 
*baby is the size of a cantaloupe, which sounds enormous. last night (following the eyebrow wax), I was spending time with a few friends and they asked how big baby is "in produce terms". we all agreed that grapefruit (week 23) seemed like it might be on the low end for this bump. sigh of relief when I checked my app this morning. cantaloupe seems reasonable. also, some of these fruit and vegetable comparisons are ridiculous. 

16 more weeks, bump - give or take. We've got this. 

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  1. Hey lady! We just had our first little girl three weeks ago. It's incredible how much life can change! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that you look amazing! Can't say I experienced the no leg hair phenomenon but I'd say that more than makes up for the lack of great nails!


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