Snow in Soho.

I walk across Soho every morning and evening on my way to and from work. It's really the only option if you come in on Metro North and work on the Lower West Side. The walk can be pleasant, especially on quiet mornings as shops are just starting to open, dogs wander on their first walk of the day and coffee shops buzz with routine orders. Other days are bitterly cold, and I end up keeping track of each street as I pass it - Crosby, Broadway, Mercer, Greene, Wooster, West Broadway, Thompson, Sullivan, 6th, Varick, Hudson and back again. On some evenings, the sidewalks are covered in shopping tourists and I'm distracted by the smell of falafel wafting from street carts. I'm caught up in the movement some days, focused on the destination. 

But every once in a while, all of Soho turns to magic, and we marvel. 

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