Some time off.

The holidays were perfectly spaced this year - I took two vacation days and ended up with about a week and half away from work. Just the right amount of time to fully immerse yourself in slow pancake-and-pajama-pants mornings. Though, I'll be honest, days in which I don't leave the house make me a wee bit crazy. We're still figuring out what that maternity leave situation will look like - maybe I'll surprise myself and motherhood will turn me into a complete homebody. Maybe. 
^^Bisquick isn't normally our thing, but throw enough milk and some protein powder in there, and they're not quite as cake-y. less like dessert? ish.^^
^^one of our favorite Christmas gifts was a Nespresso machine. I've been making decaf cappuccinos on the regular, and loving it.^^
^^the bump and slippers covered in white hair courtesy of...^^
^^this guy.^^
^^and I refuse to take the Christmas decorations down. check back around Valentine's Day.^^

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