To brighten a Friday.

^^flowers for a table.^^
 ^^snow and pup shadows.^^
^^the tiniest sweater for a first Thanksgiving.^^
^^banana milkshakes with your lover.^^
^^getting to see the face of the most beautiful baby boy on an ultrasound.^^


Here's the situation.

Last week, our car broke down while Blake was driving home from a meeting. Thankfully, there was a dealership semi-nearby that was willing to fix the car (though we have yet to hear a price quote. ahem.) and provide a loaner car for our use until our sad little Chevy Cruze is back in working order.

And by "loaner car", I mean obnoxiously large truck.

So as of late, we've all been squishing into the cab of said truck on the way home from the train station - Gus and his immovable and oblivious backside, me and my ever-growing pregnant belly, and Blake. Poor, poor Blake.

Pray for us.


A crib.

One particularly rough day this week, we came home to a shipment from my parents - our baby's little crib. His space is slowly coming together in our bedroom, where he'll sleep for the first few months of his life. For us, it makes the most sense to keep him close, and we're loving turning the room into a calm, quiet place for the whole family.

And waking up next to that little crib, guys. So awesome.


(Nearly) 27 weeks.

Technically, this photo was taken two weeks ago, but bump hasn't changed significantly since then. And since I'm a bit slower with everything these days, we're just going to roll with it. 

At (nearly) 27 weeks: 
*baby boy is as big as a rutabaga, or about 14 inches. 
*I haven't slept more than a few hours at a time in months, but waking up to those little waves across my belly is pretty fantastic. he's an active little guy. 
*in the comfort of our home, getting dressed has become a non-necessity. for the outside world, there are leggings.
*we're consistently measuring about a week bigger than anticipated (he's such an overachiever), which is just fiiine with me. keep on growing, baby, and feel free to present yourself a week early, if you'd like. 
*heart. burn. holy cow. 
*and the attention! I get the sweetest smiles from some of my fellow subway riders, plus a few stares from people who are clearly wondering if I'm a teen mom. I might need a haircut. 
*also, baby and I are getting ready for our 28 week appointment, during which we get our glucose test, Rh immune globulin injection and an ultrasound to double-check those tiny kidneys. we're going to be great. 

Can't wait for you, little rutabaga. 


What love is like.

The lines inside a familiar hand. A puppy face squished up against the side of the bed in the morning. Butterfly kicks that wake you from dreams. A song you know all the words to. A song that takes on new verses and beats. Imperfection, and all of the things we learn from it. 

Happy belated Valentine's Day, dear ones. 



So, looking back at the last two months, it seems my time was occupied with (a) food, (b) work and (c) taking photos of a baby bump. Things are glamorous over here.

The good news: it's Friday, and we have a whole three-day, non-working weekend ahead of us. Plus, Valentine's Day. Hope you're doing something festive!

Life lately, visualized:
 ^^one day in January, I spent a few hours organizing our storage room, and it was deeply satisfying. also, more cappuccinos. but this is the last cappuccino photo from here on out. maybe.^^
 ^^I worked from Blake's office a bit over the holidays, and Gus showcased his best angle from the office window. and more puppies. this adorable one is my sister's.^^
 ^^my Loo made this countdown for us as a Christmas gift, which was just the sweetest thing (we're down to 14 weeks now!) my office celebrated the holidays, too. bows on bows on bows.^^
 ^^we haven't purchased too many pieces of clothing for baby boy, but I did pick up this onesie from one of our favorite places in the world. and on one Saturday morning, Blake tortured Gus with a pancake in his back pocket.^^
 ^^baby grows and kicks and somersaults and meets his auntie CC for the first time over Jacques Torres.^^
 ^^and two nights of indulgences - one at Molly's and the other at Le Churro.^^
^^finally, we discovered a great local diner for those Saturday morning omelet and pancake needs...and Gus. just a bulldog in his element.^^


In which husband proves himself to be a winner, yet again.

I've been working on a new business pitch, which means lots (and lots and lots) of time in the office. But! On Friday, Blake jumped the gun on Valentine's Day and sent roses. Such a winner, that one.


Something about February.

^^we tried out a HelloFresh box this week, which included this vegetarian chili. we seem to be living on this stuff.^^
^^and our new rocker came, so we had to do some living room rearranging. it's feeling more inviting already.^^

Every time February rolls around, I seem to find myself waist-deep in work. This weekend, we're enjoying some quiet before the craziness of the next few weeks sets in. It's a nice distraction from the cold, at the very least, and absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, and planning something delicious for Super Bowl-watching. :)