So, looking back at the last two months, it seems my time was occupied with (a) food, (b) work and (c) taking photos of a baby bump. Things are glamorous over here.

The good news: it's Friday, and we have a whole three-day, non-working weekend ahead of us. Plus, Valentine's Day. Hope you're doing something festive!

Life lately, visualized:
 ^^one day in January, I spent a few hours organizing our storage room, and it was deeply satisfying. also, more cappuccinos. but this is the last cappuccino photo from here on out. maybe.^^
 ^^I worked from Blake's office a bit over the holidays, and Gus showcased his best angle from the office window. and more puppies. this adorable one is my sister's.^^
 ^^my Loo made this countdown for us as a Christmas gift, which was just the sweetest thing (we're down to 14 weeks now!) my office celebrated the holidays, too. bows on bows on bows.^^
 ^^we haven't purchased too many pieces of clothing for baby boy, but I did pick up this onesie from one of our favorite places in the world. and on one Saturday morning, Blake tortured Gus with a pancake in his back pocket.^^
 ^^baby grows and kicks and somersaults and meets his auntie CC for the first time over Jacques Torres.^^
 ^^and two nights of indulgences - one at Molly's and the other at Le Churro.^^
^^finally, we discovered a great local diner for those Saturday morning omelet and pancake needs...and Gus. just a bulldog in his element.^^

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  1. I have the same Pottery Barn cream and sugar set! Isn't it the cutest!? Hope you're enjoying your pregnancy. Even if there are some less than thriller (or glamourous) aspects, try to soak it all in because it's a really precious time!


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