(Nearly) 27 weeks.

Technically, this photo was taken two weeks ago, but bump hasn't changed significantly since then. And since I'm a bit slower with everything these days, we're just going to roll with it. 

At (nearly) 27 weeks: 
*baby boy is as big as a rutabaga, or about 14 inches. 
*I haven't slept more than a few hours at a time in months, but waking up to those little waves across my belly is pretty fantastic. he's an active little guy. 
*in the comfort of our home, getting dressed has become a non-necessity. for the outside world, there are leggings.
*we're consistently measuring about a week bigger than anticipated (he's such an overachiever), which is just fiiine with me. keep on growing, baby, and feel free to present yourself a week early, if you'd like. 
*heart. burn. holy cow. 
*and the attention! I get the sweetest smiles from some of my fellow subway riders, plus a few stares from people who are clearly wondering if I'm a teen mom. I might need a haircut. 
*also, baby and I are getting ready for our 28 week appointment, during which we get our glucose test, Rh immune globulin injection and an ultrasound to double-check those tiny kidneys. we're going to be great. 

Can't wait for you, little rutabaga. 

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