A shower for baby boy.

This past weekend, our sweet mamas threw a beautiful baby shower in honor of our little one. We were so thankful for the many friends and family members who came out (in the snow, no less!) to celebrate, and we know that there were others who were there in spirit.

It was a book-themed shower, so food was tailored to popular children's stories and guests brought some of their favorite books in the place of a card. We loved reading through the notes to baby on inside covers - my grandmother's memories of reading Beatrix Potter with her mother, jokes between my sister and I from our childhood. As someone who grew up in the worlds of The Boxcar Children and Anne Shirley and Mrs. Frisby, I hope we can bring to life the power of literature for this kid. I get excited just thinking about reliving some of these adventures.

I'll try not to be too crushed if he thinks Mrs. Piggle Wiggle is silly. But he won't, right? He won't ;)

A few photos, if you'd like to see...


If you happen to wake up at 4am on a Saturday...

The important thing is that you have waffles, good movies and someone to share them with. 


Dear husband.

I've written this note in my head a few dozen times, erasing lines and phrases because they didn't capture it right - the way we are in this particular season. I want it to play back with clarity: your hair sticking straight up in the morning, your slow movement over to my side of the bed when the alarm goes off, patting me softly on the arm to tell me that the day has begun. I want to properly define how simple moments can fill you with joy and break your heart all at once, from one glance, one small gesture, one warm exhale on your forehead. We are waiting on the same thing, you and me. We are living in all of the emotions - sometimes gradually, sometimes all at once.

Some things are bigger than words.


Chilaquiles and chili, mostly.

 ^^after church yesterday, we walked down to a favorite from our old neighborhood for brunch. no one does chilaquiles like El Centro. no one.^^
^^we circled back up through the park, stopping in a few shops along the way so that peanut-bladder could use the restroom ("but you just went," Blake says. there is no reasoning with the tiny feet that think dancing on sensitive organs is a tremendously entertaining pastime.)^^
 ^^back at home, we finally settled on a little area of the bedroom for our boy. my parents bought that dresser for my nursery, so it has a soft spot in my heart. slowly but surely, the space is coming together.^^
^^and we finished off the weekend with enough chili and cornbread to feed a large family. Blake makes this cornbread recipe, which is a little more like corn cake, but we'll pass on dessert and it'll all come out in the wash.^^

side note: Blake cooks the most in our home, and everything he makes is delicious. sometimes surprisingly so (like, asparagus shouldn't taste like an indulgence). on a few recent dinner occasions, he's turned to me with a gleam in his eye and said, "want to know what the secret ingredient is?" he'll pause for effect before saying something like "butter" or "sugar" in a really devilish tone. he thinks he's very sneaky. 


31 weeks.

Here's the thing about being 5'2" and 31 weeks pregnant: at this point, you're mostly a walking bump. Every time I look down, I can't help but think, this is going to get bigger?! Pregnancy, you weird and wonderful concept.

What's happening lately: 
*everyone and their mother comments on the bump - women in my department who I've never actually met, the checkout clerk at Trader Joe's, the construction worker in line behind me at the deli. it's the sweetest, strangest thing. people love a good bump. 
*have I mentioned that I'm tired? I remember a friend telling me very early on that she wanted to take naps before dinner in her third trimester. I get that now. I would sacrifice a great deal for a nap, any time of day. last Sunday afternoon, I fell asleep on Blake's stomach and only woke up because it started growling. 
*at night, Blake and I watch my belly move and take on slightly disturbing shapes. baby is busy in there.
*and he's growing! nearly 4 lbs. these days, and about 16 inches long.
*we're getting really excited about showing this kid all of the places and things we love, and we can't wait to see how he interacts with Gus. I hope they become the best of friends.
*also, we've been touched by the love poured out on this little one by family and friends, even in utero. I'm so thankful that he'll be born into these varied communities. we have a good village. 


Belated scenes from a March weekend.

^^a drive into the city for church, brunch and bookstore wandering on the Upper West Side.^^
^^this new candle - a steal at $10, and I want 500 more of them.^^
^^these oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, baked on a rainy afternoon, eaten by a little brother, who dropped by for a visit.^^
^^this adorable romper that arrived in the mail from my grandparents.^^
^^uconn men's basketball games, in bulk. and a pup completely underwhelmed.^^
^^this clever book, which I finished on the train this morning. it's been catching my eye in bookstores for more than a year now, and I'm so glad I finally picked it up.^^
^^and Captain Buttons, the sock toy bunny I made for our baby.^^


Snow hike.

After church and brunch this morning, we picked up our bulldog and headed to a local wildlife reserve for a hike. We greatly underestimated the snow situation, so we ended up taking a few detours before finding a location with a walkable path. The last of the snow, we hope. Spring is coming, and with it, longer and drier walks.


Saving daylight on 5th Ave.

Now that we're saving daylight and seeing some warmer weather, I've been walking everywhere. The other night, I took my time up 5th Ave. on the way to my grandparents' apartment on the Upper East Side (I stay over some Wednesday evenings). I can't tell you how refreshing it is to feel sunshine again, to watch the snow melt, to take off heavy coats and know that spring is just around the corner.


St. Thomas, Part II.

^^On our first night in St. Thomas, we took a long walk on the beach as the sun was setting, and the light hit the water just right. We spent most of our days sitting on this beach and swimming in the ocean, which was heaven for a pregnant belly.^^
^^These iguanas were everywhere. They're a bit terrifying at first, especially because they tend to travel in packs, but they're pretty harmless.^^
 ^^This virgin peach something-or-other was delicious, but the price was the same as the alcoholic version. On subsequent days I was like, "ehh, I'll pass on your $11 juice." 

Also, it was so wonderful to be able to devour some pleasure reads on this trip - I finished this and this, which were both awesome. Blake has recently gotten into this series.^^
^^One evening, we ferried into Charlotte Amelie for dinner and some exploring. We landed at this place, which was beautiful and had the most delicious scallops in a homemade cream sauce.^^
 ^^The most beautiful infinity pools. And one weed photo bomb behind Blake's head.^^
^^Almost every morning, we ordered room service and sat our on our balcony. It was heaven.^^
^^One of the things I love about Blake is how much he enjoys interacting with animals. When I told him I saw a bunch of birds preparing for a bird show on my way back from the restroom (my 23,435th trip), he shot out of his chair.

Also, this hat. When he wears it with sunglasses, he looks like a movie director, and I'm all about it.^^
 ^^We stayed at the Marriott Frenchman's Reef, which we'd recommend, overall. The food was so-so, but the views more than made up for it.^^
 ^^And the bump, again. He grows by the minute!^^

We were so glad we were able to take this relaxing trip before our baby graces us with his presence, and we can't wait for more adventures as a family of three (or four, if Gus comes along...)! Bring on the swim diapers and Baby Bjorns. ;)


St. Thomas.

We had the most relaxing time on our babymoon in St. Thomas last week, and we're settling back into our routine (and the cold!) at home. 

A few initial photos, if you'd like to see... 



We're in St. Thomas for the rest of the week, giving ourselves permission to do absolutely nothing.

See you next weekend :)