31 weeks.

Here's the thing about being 5'2" and 31 weeks pregnant: at this point, you're mostly a walking bump. Every time I look down, I can't help but think, this is going to get bigger?! Pregnancy, you weird and wonderful concept.

What's happening lately: 
*everyone and their mother comments on the bump - women in my department who I've never actually met, the checkout clerk at Trader Joe's, the construction worker in line behind me at the deli. it's the sweetest, strangest thing. people love a good bump. 
*have I mentioned that I'm tired? I remember a friend telling me very early on that she wanted to take naps before dinner in her third trimester. I get that now. I would sacrifice a great deal for a nap, any time of day. last Sunday afternoon, I fell asleep on Blake's stomach and only woke up because it started growling. 
*at night, Blake and I watch my belly move and take on slightly disturbing shapes. baby is busy in there.
*and he's growing! nearly 4 lbs. these days, and about 16 inches long.
*we're getting really excited about showing this kid all of the places and things we love, and we can't wait to see how he interacts with Gus. I hope they become the best of friends.
*also, we've been touched by the love poured out on this little one by family and friends, even in utero. I'm so thankful that he'll be born into these varied communities. we have a good village. 

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