A shower for baby boy.

This past weekend, our sweet mamas threw a beautiful baby shower in honor of our little one. We were so thankful for the many friends and family members who came out (in the snow, no less!) to celebrate, and we know that there were others who were there in spirit.

It was a book-themed shower, so food was tailored to popular children's stories and guests brought some of their favorite books in the place of a card. We loved reading through the notes to baby on inside covers - my grandmother's memories of reading Beatrix Potter with her mother, jokes between my sister and I from our childhood. As someone who grew up in the worlds of The Boxcar Children and Anne Shirley and Mrs. Frisby, I hope we can bring to life the power of literature for this kid. I get excited just thinking about reliving some of these adventures.

I'll try not to be too crushed if he thinks Mrs. Piggle Wiggle is silly. But he won't, right? He won't ;)

A few photos, if you'd like to see...

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