Chilaquiles and chili, mostly.

 ^^after church yesterday, we walked down to a favorite from our old neighborhood for brunch. no one does chilaquiles like El Centro. no one.^^
^^we circled back up through the park, stopping in a few shops along the way so that peanut-bladder could use the restroom ("but you just went," Blake says. there is no reasoning with the tiny feet that think dancing on sensitive organs is a tremendously entertaining pastime.)^^
 ^^back at home, we finally settled on a little area of the bedroom for our boy. my parents bought that dresser for my nursery, so it has a soft spot in my heart. slowly but surely, the space is coming together.^^
^^and we finished off the weekend with enough chili and cornbread to feed a large family. Blake makes this cornbread recipe, which is a little more like corn cake, but we'll pass on dessert and it'll all come out in the wash.^^

side note: Blake cooks the most in our home, and everything he makes is delicious. sometimes surprisingly so (like, asparagus shouldn't taste like an indulgence). on a few recent dinner occasions, he's turned to me with a gleam in his eye and said, "want to know what the secret ingredient is?" he'll pause for effect before saying something like "butter" or "sugar" in a really devilish tone. he thinks he's very sneaky. 

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