St. Thomas, Part II.

^^On our first night in St. Thomas, we took a long walk on the beach as the sun was setting, and the light hit the water just right. We spent most of our days sitting on this beach and swimming in the ocean, which was heaven for a pregnant belly.^^
^^These iguanas were everywhere. They're a bit terrifying at first, especially because they tend to travel in packs, but they're pretty harmless.^^
 ^^This virgin peach something-or-other was delicious, but the price was the same as the alcoholic version. On subsequent days I was like, "ehh, I'll pass on your $11 juice." 

Also, it was so wonderful to be able to devour some pleasure reads on this trip - I finished this and this, which were both awesome. Blake has recently gotten into this series.^^
^^One evening, we ferried into Charlotte Amelie for dinner and some exploring. We landed at this place, which was beautiful and had the most delicious scallops in a homemade cream sauce.^^
 ^^The most beautiful infinity pools. And one weed photo bomb behind Blake's head.^^
^^Almost every morning, we ordered room service and sat our on our balcony. It was heaven.^^
^^One of the things I love about Blake is how much he enjoys interacting with animals. When I told him I saw a bunch of birds preparing for a bird show on my way back from the restroom (my 23,435th trip), he shot out of his chair.

Also, this hat. When he wears it with sunglasses, he looks like a movie director, and I'm all about it.^^
 ^^We stayed at the Marriott Frenchman's Reef, which we'd recommend, overall. The food was so-so, but the views more than made up for it.^^
 ^^And the bump, again. He grows by the minute!^^

We were so glad we were able to take this relaxing trip before our baby graces us with his presence, and we can't wait for more adventures as a family of three (or four, if Gus comes along...)! Bring on the swim diapers and Baby Bjorns. ;)

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