34 weeks.

A whole 34 weeks!

Here's what's happening: 
*I've started working from home more regularly as of this week so that we avoid baby making his debut on Metro North. we may still be a ways out, but I've heard enough stories about preterm labor to err on the side of caution... 
*speaking of caution, this week I stopped by my regular nail salon and was refused a back massage. now, you may be in the camp of no-massages-for-very-pregnant-women, but this is where I draw the line. this kid is sitting solidly on my front, and if you think you're going to pinch a nerve, what the heck are you doing back there? but I sighed and agreed to a shoulder massage (rough, I know) and that was that. 
*I'm reading this, because extreme sleep deprivation scares me more than childbirth. 
*baby gets the hiccups all the time, poor thing. 
*I want to eat all of the fruit. all of it, I tell you. 
*and now that we've had our shower and have purchased most of the basic necessities, I feel like we're nearly prepared. one of the last items on my to-buy list is a book on breastfeeding, which I will likely put off until the last possible second. 
*also, at our 32 week appointment, we got to see baby on a 3D ultrasound, which blew my mind. he looks like Blake already, and I can't wait to kiss his sweet cheeks. 

6 weeks to go, baby boy. Can you believe it? 

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