In which I share a photo that may haunt me later on.

^^this is actually less incriminating than it looks, since I only ate two pieces of that pizza. but the shame-face is real.^^

Overall, my appetite hasn't increased too much in the 8 months I've been pregnant (after all, you only need about 300 more calories each day to grow a baby). But yesterday...

Yesterday, I ate and drank the following before 12pm:
*one egg and cheese sandwich
*one cup of coffee
*one granola bar
*one apple
*one peanut butter and jelly sandwich
*one package of belVita (cl)
*one small brownie
*seven cups of water

Then I put a cup of oatmeal in the microwave and made the foolish mistake of walking away while it was heating up. The whole thing basically exploded. I took it as a sign.

After telling Blake about my eating rampage (because naturally I tell him everything I eat almost every day. lucky him!), I confessed that I think I might be pregnant.

Pregnancy is making me funnier, for sure.

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