^^we celebrated Easter with Blake's family at my parents' house this year, making good use of their grill. it was our first Easter outside of the city in a while. baby is encouraging us to take it easy these days, and he can be very persuasive.^^
^^this right here is evidence of how cool we currently are. one Friday night last month, Blake decided we really needed to have more pillows on our bed. "like a hotel," he said. so that's how we spent a couple hours of our evening: hunting for pillows.^^
^^the morning after we got back from our babymoon, we headed to the Lexington Candy Shop for breakfast, because it's hard not to if you're in the area...^^ 
 ^^last week, Blake had a late meeting in the city, so we got dinner together at Ruby's before I headed back home to get to bed at a decent hour. after greeting me (energetically), Gus spent 20 minutes standing in front of the door waiting for Blake. it's fine that I'm his second choice. really.^^
^^the Plaza in all her glory before a March snowstorm.^^
 ^^and we have a bassinet in our living room now! Gus is beginning to suspect that there are changes in his future.^^
^^beauty from a site check at the Central Park Zoo one morning. we got a semi-private tour as things were just starting to open, and it kind of broke my heart that I didn't have Blake there with me. he would have loved it.^^
 ^^this pillow belongs to him now. no doubt about it.^^
 ^^and weather warm enough for breakfast in the park! can you believe it?! I very nearly cried.^^
 ^^smuggling watermelons these days.^^
^^and then eating them by the pound.^^
 ^^a remnant from our baby shower last weekend, provided by a friend.^^
 ^^and another friend heads off to San Francisco for a new adventure, but not without a proper sendoff. macarons and art from Google images included.^^
 ^^some of the greatest women you'll ever meet, congregating in kindergarten picture day style.^^
 ^^this is from the beginning of March, when we thought the snow would never end. just after I took this photo, flurries started falling. you're pretty, winter, but you crossed a line this year.^^
^^we were touched that so many family members made the trip from the DC area for our baby shower. we went out to brunch last Sunday, which gave us the chance to catch up a bit more.^^
^^and one pregnant belly floating in the ocean off of St. Thomas, for good measure.^^

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