37 weeks.

^^tiredface and awkward sitting positions. this is nine months.^^

Here's what's happening:
*baby is full term! ready when you are, kid.
*I am running into all of the things - kitchen counters, the backs of restaurant chairs, walls, doors, etc.
*the hospital bag is packed, the tiny clothes have been washed and the apartment has been scrubbed from top to bottom (many times). nesting, full force.
*Gus is a big fan of my belly's increased surface area. in the evenings, he's taken to sleeping on the bump, which usually prompts lots of jabs and kicks from baby. best friends in the making.
*I worked from home every day but Tuesday this week, and Blake has been great about making sure I get out of the apartment in the evenings so that I don't go stir-crazy. he's going to be the very best dad, for so many reasons. have I said that before? I am so, so excited to see him take on this role.
*one night last week, we were walking around the city after dinner and a stranger (who might have been a little off his rocker?) pointed to the bump and said, "there's a baby boy in there!" people know these things. the bump must give off a very boyish vibe.
*and, without having any concrete expectations, I'm getting pretty excited about being the mama of a baby boy. we're going to have such wonderful adventures, little one.


  1. the love that will eventually reach this child , will surpass all understanding. we are so happy for you folks. best, candy and leo

  2. Good luck lady! And try to enjoy the pregnancy part, even towards the end. I promise that you'll miss carrying around that bump one day!


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