A birthday in TriBeCa.

Yesterday afternoon, we drove into the city to celebrate another year of our friend Christine and to wander downtown neighborhoods for a while. We had dinner at China Blue and passed Hugo around between courses. There's something about seeing close friends love on your baby. This kid really hit the jackpot in the auntie department.



This morning, I caught them discussing their plans to transfer as much spit-up/drool onto my person as is humanly/caninely (?) possible. I could have sworn I heard laughing.


Around here.

^^Trader Joe's has been on their floral game lately.^^
^^Hugo loves showing off his strong neck muscles, and is all about his play mat. I must have 500 photos of him on this thing.^^
 ^^for Father's Day, Hugo made his papa breakfast in bed (with a little help).^^
 ^^we celebrated our dads over seafood, lasagna from my parents' new wood-burning oven and ice cream cake.^^
(and my foster niece's face is as cute as can be, but it's been blurred for the sake of privacy)
 ^^the prettiest post-workout fuel, now that I'm getting back into the running game (and yikes, has that been an embarrassing comeback).^^
 ^^sweet birthday and post-delivery gifts from that husband of mine, who just gets me... and my hints ;).^^
 ^^we just got the Boba wrap, which means nonstop baby wearing - a win for all.^^
^^and I finished this hilarious read today. a modern day Dorothy Parker with such great social commentary, if you're into that sort of thing.^^


Twenty-sixth birthday.

How to have an ideal twenty-sixth birthday:
*marry a dreamboat.
*start with a wake-up call from a sweet, crying babe and a bulldog who needs a walk.
*have breakfast at the local diner and spend the rest of the morning relaxing (and nursing. always nursing.).
*drive into the city for lunch at The Smith. deviled eggs should be involved.
*take a long, slow walk through the park and stop in the Sheep Meadow.
*grab macarons at Mille-feuille for the drive home (get the salted caramel and pistachio). accept the free loaf of french bread given to those who spend more than $15 after 4pm.
*climb in bed with your dreamboat, baby boy and bulldog. eat your french bread with butter while watching a movie.
*and capture each moment in memory, because this season is one of the best.


Baby boy's first month.

As of Sunday, Hugo Henry is officially one month old, and he gets sweeter by the second. While I don't naturally enjoy staying home or spending time in bed, I know that this baby won't want to snuggle his mama forever, so I'm eating up every second. I've been surprised by how much I've enjoyed nursing, how much I love his need for me in these early weeks, how readily I can overcome the nighttime disturbances. There are so many things I want to do with this life, but my role as his mother is the ultimate privilege. This kid has us transfixed with his big blue eyes, chubby belly and fresh newborn smell.

A few things from your first month, little one:
*you're sleeping in 2-3 hour increments and eating like a champ. sleeping, eating and snuggling are the three things you do best.
*over the last couple of weeks, you've been opening your eyes more and more. you're starting to focus on us, which only encourages the ridiculous faces we make to see if we can get you to smile. so far, only gas smiles...
*your feet! it amazes me that I birthed a child with feet as long as yours. you get those from your daddy, for sure.
*speaking of, you're looking more like your daddy by the day. we hear that a lot.
*my clothes are very rarely free of spit up, pee or poo (and man, can this stuff stain) these days. we've learned the hard way that it's best to change you before nursing. kissing your face just after nursing is also a mistake... you sneezed breast milk into my mouth this morning.
*you can sleep anywhere and in any position, but you love sleeping in the car and in your stroller with your pacifier and swaddle blanket.
*baths. you hate them with a passion.
*diaper changes, too. you'd much prefer sitting in your filth to having your bum wiped.
*and we love you so, so much. do we tell you enough? ;)


Five years.

Over the weekend, we left Hugo and Gus with my parents and went out to celebrate our fifth anniversary. We had dinner at Chamard Vineyards as the sun was setting, and talked a little bit about where we've been and where we hope to take the next five years together.

Far more often than not, the last five years have been good to us. We've danced at more than a dozen weddings, celebrated birthdays, babies, retirements and life in general. We've traveled to five different countries and lived in three states. We've taken early morning walks in Central Park and stayed up late, sitting around beach bonfires. We've welcomed a bulldog and a baby boy, loved them both tremendously, cleaned their wrinkles and snuggled their chubby bodies. And we've chased dreams, always - dreams of all sizes.

My goodness, I love you, Lawrence Blake. Marrying you was one of the smartest things I've ever done. Happy anniversary, love.

And posts from our first, second, third and fourth anniversaries; wedding here.


Our mornings.

Recently spent consuming strong coffee, walking for miles in the sunshine and staring at our boy. 

Also, have you ever seen anything cuter than newborn knees? 


Saturday hike.

Over the weekend, we took baby on his first official hike at the Rockefeller State Park Preserve (we were there back in October, when Hugo was the size of a blueberry). We spent more time collecting everything we needed and driving to/from the park, but the walk is beautiful this time of year. Plus, getting out of the house is a victory in and of itself.

Gus was pretty jazzed about the variety of things to sniff, and Hugo gave his hike-nap two thumbs up. And they're tough critics, these two.

Yeesh. Things are feeling very mom blog-ish around here lately.


A Monday morning thought.

It's hard to believe that one day, my simple prayers for this child will evolve from "bring him sleep" to "show him friendship on his first day of school" and "keep him safe as he drives" and "help him find another to love fully and selflessly".

A nerve-wracking privilege, motherhood.