Baby boy's first month.

As of Sunday, Hugo Henry is officially one month old, and he gets sweeter by the second. While I don't naturally enjoy staying home or spending time in bed, I know that this baby won't want to snuggle his mama forever, so I'm eating up every second. I've been surprised by how much I've enjoyed nursing, how much I love his need for me in these early weeks, how readily I can overcome the nighttime disturbances. There are so many things I want to do with this life, but my role as his mother is the ultimate privilege. This kid has us transfixed with his big blue eyes, chubby belly and fresh newborn smell.

A few things from your first month, little one:
*you're sleeping in 2-3 hour increments and eating like a champ. sleeping, eating and snuggling are the three things you do best.
*over the last couple of weeks, you've been opening your eyes more and more. you're starting to focus on us, which only encourages the ridiculous faces we make to see if we can get you to smile. so far, only gas smiles...
*your feet! it amazes me that I birthed a child with feet as long as yours. you get those from your daddy, for sure.
*speaking of, you're looking more like your daddy by the day. we hear that a lot.
*my clothes are very rarely free of spit up, pee or poo (and man, can this stuff stain) these days. we've learned the hard way that it's best to change you before nursing. kissing your face just after nursing is also a mistake... you sneezed breast milk into my mouth this morning.
*you can sleep anywhere and in any position, but you love sleeping in the car and in your stroller with your pacifier and swaddle blanket.
*baths. you hate them with a passion.
*diaper changes, too. you'd much prefer sitting in your filth to having your bum wiped.
*and we love you so, so much. do we tell you enough? ;)

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  1. happy birthday stevie on 6/18. our best, candy and leo.


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