Twenty-sixth birthday.

How to have an ideal twenty-sixth birthday:
*marry a dreamboat.
*start with a wake-up call from a sweet, crying babe and a bulldog who needs a walk.
*have breakfast at the local diner and spend the rest of the morning relaxing (and nursing. always nursing.).
*drive into the city for lunch at The Smith. deviled eggs should be involved.
*take a long, slow walk through the park and stop in the Sheep Meadow.
*grab macarons at Mille-feuille for the drive home (get the salted caramel and pistachio). accept the free loaf of french bread given to those who spend more than $15 after 4pm.
*climb in bed with your dreamboat, baby boy and bulldog. eat your french bread with butter while watching a movie.
*and capture each moment in memory, because this season is one of the best.

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  1. oh my word! the picture of him throwing up the peace sign is precious!


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