Forced friendship.

Our dreams are coming true over here. 

And I really need to get better about recording iPhone videos horizontally. 



I don't think it was any secret that I had a hard time moving outside the city. For a while, those 45 minutes felt like a million, and I resented our new city for everything it wasn't. It's silly, I realize. Not just because it's still hard for us to imagine settling anywhere for an extended period of time - it's also because there's so, so much to be thankful for, and some real perks to living outside the island of Manhattan. For example, do you know how unusual a building with a pool is in the city?
Our Oompa Loompa is all about it.


Summer in Madison.

My parents have been gracious enough to let us spend a lot of time at their place this summer, and we've so appreciated the support as we adjust to life with a newborn. Having the opportunity to nurse the baby outside and swim laps in their pool has been a huge blessing, in and of itself. More than anything, we love that Hugo is getting time with his extended family, since these relationships have always been so important to us both.

Hard to believe that maternity leave is more than halfway over. It's amazing how sleep deprivation makes the time fly ;)


Gus turns four.

Last week, we celebrated our bulldog's fourth birthday with banana pupcakes and a giant rawhide bone - his favorite things. I'm not sure I need to tell you how much we adore this animal. He's made our lives so much richer, and we're terribly thankful for him.

Happy birthday, sweet pup.


Around here.

 ^^sending the last of the birth announcements to family and friends.^^
^^saying "yes" to peonies, always.^^
 ^^celebrating the fact that our baby is *finally* sleeping in his crib.^^
 ^^heading to the gym every morning while papa snuggles a squirmy Hugo.^^
 ^^craving vegetables on these hot summer days.^^
 ^^discovering our reflection, and mourning the loss of some hair (both of us).^^
^^and expanding horizons with some riveting literature.^^


In which we see the dinosaurs.

Yesterday, Hugo and I spent some time wandering the city while Blake was attending a conference. We passed the morning in the park - reading, nursing in Strawberry Fields and getting lost in The Ramble - before I made the mistake of thinking I could grab lunch. Hugo had the meltdown of all meltdowns while we were stuck in line at Chipotle (of all times to have a broken card reader at BOTH registers), and continued said meltdown all the way back to the park. Bless all of you who manage multiples, amen. 

Since I like to test my luck, we headed over to the Museum of Natural History after lunch, where we wandered until we met up with Blake for dinner at Parm's new location on the Upper West Side. As exhausting as it is, we're loving how alert and always-on this kid is these days. I have a feeling I'll be eating those words once we hit the crawling stage, but gosh, seeing his eyes light up at the sight of ice cream cake is some kind of magic.


For Hugo.

Suppose I say summer,
write the word "hummingbird,"
put it in an envelope,
take it down the hill
to the box. When you open
my letter you will recall
those days and how much,
just how much I love you. 
- Raymond Carver



Working title for this post: "In which I capture every face Hugo has ever made."
 ^^a walk with both chunkers, which lasted all of 20 minutes.^^
 ^^a-mazing fish tacos from our anniversary in Newport, captured for posterity.^^
 ^^a boy with his Gigi.^^
 ^^acai bowls with my mom, sister and the babies, the majority of which ended up on clothing. eating with babies is hard.^^
 ^^naps for all! except mom and dad.^^
 ^^taking his hat game very seriously, as one should.^^
 ^^(slow) riverside runs.^^
 ^^a happy burrito, and proof that our mirrors need cleaning.^^
 ^^the only way to get any work done around here.^^
 ^^a gift from my mother-in-law before he was born, which makes me laugh like a lunatic.^^
 ^^letting the rolls breathe.^^
^^speaking of...^^
 ^^one poor pup, recovering from a fireworks display.^^
 ^^a rare afternoon quiet.^^
 ^^accepting (even appreciating?) the necessity of bath time.^^
^^and a budding forced friendship.^^


Fourth of July weekend.

^^my grandparents have photo credit on this one, since we're a little slow on the draw these days.^^
We were back in our hometown this weekend, introducing our baby to the pool and cheering on my parents in the parade. They were closer to the front of the parade than they've been in recent years, so we nearly missed them as they passed. We chased them down from the town green so that Hugo could truly appreciate how cool his grandparents are.

And a tiny sailor suit. It kills me.