In which we see the dinosaurs.

Yesterday, Hugo and I spent some time wandering the city while Blake was attending a conference. We passed the morning in the park - reading, nursing in Strawberry Fields and getting lost in The Ramble - before I made the mistake of thinking I could grab lunch. Hugo had the meltdown of all meltdowns while we were stuck in line at Chipotle (of all times to have a broken card reader at BOTH registers), and continued said meltdown all the way back to the park. Bless all of you who manage multiples, amen. 

Since I like to test my luck, we headed over to the Museum of Natural History after lunch, where we wandered until we met up with Blake for dinner at Parm's new location on the Upper West Side. As exhausting as it is, we're loving how alert and always-on this kid is these days. I have a feeling I'll be eating those words once we hit the crawling stage, but gosh, seeing his eyes light up at the sight of ice cream cake is some kind of magic.

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