Working title for this post: "In which I capture every face Hugo has ever made."
 ^^a walk with both chunkers, which lasted all of 20 minutes.^^
 ^^a-mazing fish tacos from our anniversary in Newport, captured for posterity.^^
 ^^a boy with his Gigi.^^
 ^^acai bowls with my mom, sister and the babies, the majority of which ended up on clothing. eating with babies is hard.^^
 ^^naps for all! except mom and dad.^^
 ^^taking his hat game very seriously, as one should.^^
 ^^(slow) riverside runs.^^
 ^^a happy burrito, and proof that our mirrors need cleaning.^^
 ^^the only way to get any work done around here.^^
 ^^a gift from my mother-in-law before he was born, which makes me laugh like a lunatic.^^
 ^^letting the rolls breathe.^^
^^speaking of...^^
 ^^one poor pup, recovering from a fireworks display.^^
 ^^a rare afternoon quiet.^^
 ^^accepting (even appreciating?) the necessity of bath time.^^
^^and a budding forced friendship.^^

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