Dear baby boy.

Your world is full of firsts these days, baby of mine. First summer, first laugh, first sleep through the night (!!). We are so in awe of the little things, still. I love to watch you dream, with your tiny fist curled up and resting on the back of your neck.  I love how your smiles start in your eyes and make their way down to your mouth. Your infancy recognizes something we sometimes forget as we get older - that emotions are fleeting, that happiness is often in how we choose to look at things.

Already, we see so much of your unique personality, along with glimpses of your DNA. You look like your grandfather, your papa, you have my eyes. You look like you. So much so that I feel like I must have known you all along. Your whole life, we'll wonder at where certain glances or traits may have originated. It's an entertaining game, but nothing more. You are not your family history. Make no mistake: you are what you love, and what you make of what you've been given.

We've been spending a lot of time in the places where we grew up, your dad and I. It's prompted us to talk about what we want for your childhood. You should have the chance to get to know your relatives, sleep under stars, learn the noise of the city, bury your feet in sand, watch the push and pull of different cultures working in concert. All of these things in their time. I hope you see the value in each season and landscape.

Since you've been born, we've been learning how to best care for you, in all the ways that matter. You've shown yourself to be adaptable, eager to take in new things. Stay that way all your life - there are so few things in this world that are fixed.

One of those few things is my love for you.

your mama

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