Meeting friends.

We have a few more photos from our trip to share, but in looking through my phone this morning, I noticed that I've been hanging onto old photos of Hugo meeting some of our friends. Truly, one of the best things about bringing a baby into the world is seeing them interact with people you love. It's almost tied with seeing the baby belly laugh for the first time (I nearly died).

There are still quite a few who have yet to witness Hugo's rolls in person, but we'll get to you, pretties. Promise. ;)
^^auntie CC, and a onesie that he's now too big for. the rolls. they're multiplying.^^
^^do not be fooled by Hugo's face. he loves his friend Elena, and he's very much looking forward to future playdates.^^
^^and some of our favorite Californians, who showed us where the good Mexican food is at in LA, and introduced us to their banana tree. ^^

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