Pumpkin Patch.

We went to the local pumpkin patch while my grandparents and Loo were visiting this weekend and picked out a family of pumpkins for our front stoop, because we're just terribly predictable these days. The weather was perfect, the apple cider donuts were fresh and the babies were in stellar moods. High five, fall. You're doing just fine.


A visit from Loo.

My oldest friend, Loo, drove down for a visit yesterday. She hadn't seen Hugo since the day after he was born, so there was a lot of time spent admiring how the cheeks have blossomed.

And even better - DO YOU SEE THE ROCK? Girlfriend is engaged, and we are so, so thrilled. We love you, Loo.


Evening walk.

As the mornings and evenings get cooler, we've been taking walks with our babe and our bulldog downtown on the days I work from home. This is our Gilmore Girls season of life, and I am eating. it. up. All of the childhood dreams coming true over here. 


Town fair.

This past weekend, our new town hosted their annual fall fair. We headed down on Saturday and met up with Blake's family for apple crisp, arcade games and (very) loud country music. We also took Hugo through the petting zoo and animal tents three times before he fell asleep on Blake's shoulder - a heavy, wet cheek leaving a mark against the fabric. That's the good stuff. 
And a thanks to my MIL for the photos. With all of the baby paraphernalia we're lugging around these days, I tend to forget the camera.


The last bits of summer.

Some of the best parts of the last two months:
^^sleepy babies.^^
^^evening in downtown Westport.^^
^^a final farewell to that beautiful kitchen.^^
^^a pup in need of snuggles, always.^^
^^the happiest dreams.^^
^^best friends (not really).^^
^^morning walks on maternity leave.^^
^^different pup, also in need of snuggles.^^
^^mama's chocolate milkshakes (with aloe. really.)^^
^^these two, together.^^
^^and Mexican food, any time of day.^^
^^cheeks and thighs.^^
^^poolside breakfasts.^^
^^a new town.^^
^^fading pink skies.^^
^^a pup's first backyard.^^
^^being back in the city, on my own.^^
^^matching stripes.^^
^^and this family of mine.^^


Holy cow, we live in a house.

It's been a whirlwind couple of days as we move things in, but we're making progress. I keep thinking back to a year and a half ago, when babies and houses seemed like they'd be in a chapter way down the road. But, surprise! Here we are in our mid/late twenties, and this chapter is a good one, my friends. A really, really good one.


Packing, and other weekend things.

As luck would have it, we're moving again. No one is wild about the whole process of packing and unpacking, but we're excited for all the possibility a house holds (grilling! a garage! more space!) and we love that we'll be closer to family. We spent most of our Labor Day weekend laboring, with a few barbecues, a carnival, a farmers market and baby's first church nursery experience to fill in the gaps.