The last bits of summer.

Some of the best parts of the last two months:
^^sleepy babies.^^
^^evening in downtown Westport.^^
^^a final farewell to that beautiful kitchen.^^
^^a pup in need of snuggles, always.^^
^^the happiest dreams.^^
^^best friends (not really).^^
^^morning walks on maternity leave.^^
^^different pup, also in need of snuggles.^^
^^mama's chocolate milkshakes (with aloe. really.)^^
^^these two, together.^^
^^and Mexican food, any time of day.^^
^^cheeks and thighs.^^
^^poolside breakfasts.^^
^^a new town.^^
^^fading pink skies.^^
^^a pup's first backyard.^^
^^being back in the city, on my own.^^
^^matching stripes.^^
^^and this family of mine.^^

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